"You Win," by New Spell

Directed by Japhy Riddle and Brendan Bellomo



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Filmmaker Contact information

  • New Spell band contact, Leanne Kelly: (310) 429-7204, newspellmusic@gmail.com
  • Japhy Riddle: japhyriddle@gmail.com
  • Brendan Bellomo: bbellomo@sonic.net


Film Synopsis

  • Short

This surrealistic music video, directed by Japhy Riddle and Brendan Bellomo and featuring music by San Francisco’s dark indie pop duo New Spell, is an exploration of the subconscious forces of shadow and light within us all and the truths we obscure even from ourselves. 

  • Long

New single You Win from San Francisco-based electro-pop duo New Spell drips with tumbling echoes and graceful vocal figures: an inroad to relationship tension and the subconscious forces within us all. Leanne Kelly recalls the moment when the lead line and melody “And so, lies you win” first spontaneously popped into her head. In grad school for counseling at the time, she followed the thread and found a compelling lyrical concept on the other end. 

Alongside a remarkable new music video directed by Japhy Riddle and Brendan Bellomo, the track deals, appropriately, with the shadow and light in all of us, and the inner truths which are obscured even from ourselves at times. Writing music as a form of personal catharsis, Kelly herself is aware of the important role music can play in helping people discover feelings of connection and understanding.

“I’ve had some emotional struggles and tend to be a little on the darker side of things,” says Kelly. “Music, for me, when I’ve gone through hard times, has literally saved my life.”


Cast List 

  • Leanne Kelly
  • Jacob Frautschi


Creative Team/Filmmaker Photos and Bios:

Japhy Riddle

Director, producer, cinematographer, and editor Japhy Riddle is an artist and animator who grew up in the Bay Area. He never outgrew his 80's lenses and analog aesthetic. He creates things, invents things, and modifies things.

Brendan Bellomo

Director, producer, cinematographer and editor Brendan Bellomo is a multi award winning Director and VFX Supervisor for film, television and commercials. He currently resides in Los Angeles and works internationally.


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