Leanne Kelly

vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter, media composer, music educator, therapist



Leanne Kelly is a vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter, commercial composer, music educator, and therapist. The leader and songwriter for San Francisco-based dark indie pop duo New Spell, she specializes in creating dynamic, cerebral music. The unifying forces behind her duo’s music are airy vocals, synth-centered songwriting, and pensive lyrics. Drums and electronic bass embellish compelling layers of sound in a uniquely captivating style. 

Leanne’s dual career as a therapist informs her lyrical themes, while her prolific songwriting and unique voice has allowed her the opportunity to score several indie films, compose commercial music, and provide guest vocals or keyboards to a variety of musical projects. A Los Angeles native, she attended USC’s Thornton School of Music where she studied both Vocal Jazz and Psychology before relocating to the Bay Area. 

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